Drawing immense joy from all of the heavy music genres, Madarse & Jacqui play the absolute best in brand new alternative rock and metal on their epic radio show each and every week.

You can listen to the Spokes & Leathers Rock Show around the world on      Rock Radio Uk, Scotland Rocks Radio, SFW RadioDFM, DFM Winsford Radio, DFM Hilldene Radio, Jaxx Radio,

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Spokes & Leathers Rock Show

With madarse & jaCQUI

With hundreds of thousands of listeners all over the world, Madarse & Jacqui bring their unique and downright defiant style of broadcasting to the masses.

Madarse & Jacqui McCreedy hail from Northern Ireland and have been sharing their love for new alternative rock and metal on the radio for many years.

As a result of that love, Spokes & Leathers Rock Show was born, the show is fast paced, with loads of great music, and stacks of not so serious banter. A good way to spend a couple of hours. 

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madarse mccreedy

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jacqui mccreedy